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Cottontail's Arts, Crafts, & Gifts Show

Dear Friends, Exhibitors, Customers, and Employees, Once again, this company finds itself trying to have encouraging words about our event. The first concern is the health of employees. This was the number one consideration deciding the outcome of our show. If one employee became ill because this event was held, how would the rest of us feel? Several other obstacles still prevent us from holding an event of our size. Everyone knows that hospitals are at full capacity. Prayers go out that this number will be down by March. Unfortunately, I cannot wait that close to show time to call a show. Our exhibitors deserve ample warning so that they do not prepare product that cannot be sold. The vaccine will be helpful, but the distribution will not help us in time for a show. The BJCC must follow state and city guidelines that are passed onto each event. The guidelines are nearly impossible for us to meet. The BJCC tried to be more helpful with the rules that must be followed for COVID-19. Unfortunately, these rules have not changed since this past summer. It is understandable why the rules are in place. The strict rules prevent our show from the following: Having all your favorite exhibitors The exhibitors that would be allowed, would be separated far apart from each other. Meaning the few that could attend would be in different sections of the halls taking much more time to visit each of them Limits the capacity of attendance tremendously (exhibitors would not make enough sales to cover their expenses) Increases the overhead for Christmas Village (a local business) to amounts that would take many years to overcome With stomach aches, headaches, and nerves that are shot, Christmas Village Festival is announcing the cancellation of Cottontail’s Arts, Crafts, & Gifts Show 2021. Lisa, Larry, Eddie, Brenda, Julia, Larry, Beverly, Roseanne, Cindy, Cathy, Scott, Steve, Brandy P. S. Exhibitors more information will come to you for refunds, application, and moving payments!

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